Today it is hard to find anyone who has not heard about Viagra. This drug has become a salvation for many men suffering from erectile dysfunction caused by damage of the vessels. The drug has become very popular and any man suffering from erectile dysfunction can afford it. You can read the product description and order Viagra online.

Originally this drug was created to treat heart diseases. However the tests showed that Viagra has a visible effect only on the vessels of the pelvis and increases blood flow to the tissues of the penis in particular. You can order Viagra pills containing 25, 50 or 100 mg of sildenafil.

Viagra: Common use

The drug blocks an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5. This leads to an increased production of nitric oxide. It results in relaxation of arterial smooth muscle and blood flow to erectile tissues of the penis that causes erection. Note that for a man should be sexually stimulated to achieve an erection. Erection decreases after the end of sexual intercourse.

The main reason to buy Viagra is erectile dysfunction. It is a condition when man cannot achieve sufficient erection and maintain it throughout sexual intercourse.


The drug Viagra is contraindicated in patients who has allergy to it. It also contraindicated in combination with other drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and especially nitroglycerin or other nitrates. It can be used with caution in case of deformations of the penis, diseases accompanied by hemorrhage, severe arrhythmias, and high or low blood pressure.

Possible side effects

The most usual side effects of the drug are headache and facial flushing. In more rare cases dizziness, temporary blurred vision, nasal congestion, increased heart rate, etc.

Viagra Price

Viagra price is quite high. However there are many generics (replicas) of the drug. They have the same formula, composition and effect but are much cheaper. Thanks to generics you can buy cheap Viagra.

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